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Video: Wowmoms World Media Brunch Day


Once again, we were at the beautiful Wowmoms World , in Bromont, a unique place in North America that celebrates the joys of motherhood. The medias together with their families were welcomed to an exciting day of various workshops and activities for parents and children to have fun and celebrate the new franchise locations around the world !


Wowmoms, a multifunctional new concept that is as focused on mothers as it is on their children, will combine all the key elements to support pre and post-natal health and development in a social and innovative setting.

We know that being a new mother can be a difficult and lonely time and at Wowmoms, we are creating a place that celebrates the joys of motherhood.

Our comprehensive approach to early childhood growth rests on the principle that the best way to prepare our children for the world is to prepare ourselves along with them by sharing the excite- ment of child-rearing not only with seasoned pro- fessionals, but with other parents who are living the same experiences.

Housed in a beautiful, trendy and feminine en- vironment, Wowmoms will offer a slate of ser- vices ranging from fitness classes, yoga, prep- aration for delivery for expecting mothers, spa and massage services, educational and activity programs for children, tutoring services for ele- mentary students, a full-service cafe and a baby products store. Unique in North America, we will also be home to the Wowmoms Baby Spa’s that is entirely crafted for a total spa experience for infants.

In addition to this, we have taken a page out of the world’s best fitness and health centers and will provide- free of charge- all the necessary products and tools one needs for child care such as diapers, bottle warmers, changing tables and breastfeeding rooms.

Our educational options will be guided by trained staff and educators, with visits from child psych- ologists, nutritionists and health professionals to ensure the best possible care is provided as we

help you nurture your child through their initial development. The core of our space will center around a welcoming, safe and social experience for children in the Play Room, which will provide BPA-free toys and games that drive education and enjoyment. As the children play and learn with our staff, mothers can socialize while keeping an eye on their children in our open cafe that caters to their every need.

Here we will offer a plethora of organic, health-conscious choices such as wraps, smooth- ies, juices, salads, coffee and tea for moms on the go or those that just need a break. And not for- getting the little ones, the cafe will also provide a baby purée menu- all of which is to eat in or take out.

Afternoons at Wowmoms will offer tutoring ser- vices, so when the older children finish school the whole family can work, train, learn or relax in a calm, creative environment that provides the newest and best educational tools.

Last but not least, our in-house retail concept will have our own line of Wowmoms products, as well as books and other tools to help you in your quest of providing a happy and healthy life for you and your child. This will also feature a second-hand clothing store for parents to sell their old, but great items to the next generation of lucky Wowbabies.

Slated to open in Summer 2017, the initial, 4000 square foot, Wowmoms Center will merely be the first iteration of this long-needed oasis. With plans to open additional locations in Beverly Hills, Florida and across North America, Wowmoms hopes to help young families everywhere provide the best possible opportunities for the develop- ment of both parents and children.


Founded by mother and daughter duo, Joelle and Danielle Lavigne, a former daycare teacher and director of Sports Montreal, respectively, Wow- moms will be managed by strong women with great experience.

Joelle, young mother of a 5 month old daughter and 12 year old son, is passionate about health and childhood development.

Danielle has spent her life in business, and years creating and overseeing athletic programs for babies and young mothers.

With them are partners Jennifer Stano and Nicole Zeola, founders of world of wellness and Wow- moms Proteins, a high-quality product designed for mothers who are focused on living healthy.

Jennifer and Nicole are young mothers and entre- preneurs with a deep desire to help others as the build their lives and their families.


Joelle and Danielle are the exclusive distributors of Jennifer and Nicole’s Wow Products in Canada — www.wowmade.com. These items are currently sold online but will soon be entering retail loca- tions across the USA and Canada.

Plans are also in the works for the group to develop the first ever goat milk-based baby formula, which could potentially be manufactured by the Lavigne family’s decades-old food products business.