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Video: The Jewish General Hospital and Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation first annual Culinary Showdown


The Jewish General Hospital and Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation first annual Culinary Showdown raises over $1 100 000 for the fight against breast cancer!

MONTREAL, November 1st, 2017 – On Sunday, October 29, more than 700 enthusiastic guests raised over $1,100,000 at the inaugural Culinary Showdown event organized by the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation (FCSQ) and the Jewish General Hospital Foundation (JGHF) in support of breast cancer research.

These funds will nurture two projects in the field of genomics. The first, led by Dr. William Foulkes, is aimed at understanding why members of some Quebec families are at high risk of developing breast cancer. The second, under the direction of Dr. Mark Basik, is focused on a new generation of diagnostic tests.

Foodies, home cooks and celebrity chefs all came together for this prestigious gastronomic event. The Culinary Showdown offered cooking enthusiasts who had distinguished themselves as top fundraisers the opportunity to participate in a cooking school alongside celebrity chefs in the afternoon, and to compete against each other in the evening.

Chefs Kimberly Lallouz, Michael Smith, Mark McEwan, Ivana Raca and Tyler Florence served as outstanding “culinary guides” and fierce competitors with their protégés. Thanks to them, the participants presented their creations brilliantly in front of an enthusiastic room of more than 700 donors and sponsors and a jury composed of such personalities as Jonathan Garnier, Mitsou Gélinas, Jean-Philippe Tastet, Mitch Garber, Senator Larry Smith and Michele Forgione. Hosted by Sebastien Benoît and Brad Smith, the evening proved to be highly entertaining!

The winner was the Tyler Florence team for its exceptional performance on all three courses. For its part, team Kimberly Lallouz was a fierce competitor, claiming the second place spot.

While all the Chefs produced mouth-watering dishes, it is undoubtedly the show itself and the great fun enjoyed by all the participants that was the tastiest dish of the evening!

Thanks to the fabulous generosity of partners and sponsors, many prestigious prizes were auctioned off, such as a 2-night stay for two at the famous Fireworks Feast personally hosted by Chef Michael Smith at the Inn at Bay Fortune, PEI; dinner for eight at Chef Mark McEwan’s renowned restaurant, ONE, in Toronto; an all-inclusive vacation for two to Sensatori Azul Beach Resort, Jamaica on board Sunwing Airlines, along with a number of other one-of-a-kind experiences.

“The Culinary Showdown is an original event that brings people together for a cause they care about,” underlined Nathalie Tremblay, President of the FCSQ. “This is a great way to support the fight against breast cancer and a perfect opportunity for food lovers to indulge their passion in a party atmosphere while contributing.”

For his part, Myer Bick , President and CEO of the JGHF stated emphasized that “innovative fundraising such as this event and great teamwork by those who care deeply about breast cancer produce gratifying results toward a cure.”

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