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Video: “Into a Haze” by Nadine Track photographer


On the 30th of November we went “Into a Haze” at Le Pois Penché. Nadine Track photographer showcased her latest creations from her photo trip to Morocco


Her unique large format artworks are printed on metal, silver mirror and broken glass with customized led light.

The event was made possible with the impeccable planning and organizational skills of Altitude connections

https://www.facebook.com/altitudeconnections/  and the innovative customized led lighting by iluce concepts lighting + design


Nadine Track is a Montreal-based, Lebanese-born Photographer. She immersed herself in the medium of photography while volunteering as a Red Cross first aider during the Lebanese civil war, first to understand and overcome the absurdity of what she saw during that time.

After moving to Montreal, she set out on a series of road trips, starting first with her homeland of Lebanon, then continuing to Dubai, the deserts of Abu Dhabi, CapeTown and Johannesburg, South Africa, then to Canada, exploring Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. Her First Nations project made the cover page of the most widely circulated native american magazine “Nation News” in Canada. She was interviewed by Radio Canada International and Rogers web TV.

The osmosis of her metal prints, with silver glass and customized LED light makes each work mystical. Her painterly-like style was described as uniquely avant-garde.

Nadine’s Artwork will be showcasing throughout the month of December at Le pois penché.

Special thanks to:

Encadrement pont-viau Laval

Georges Madi graphic design

Hugo Dumas Maehlum

Soucamelias Createur Design Mode http://www.soucamelias.ca

Valet dépot https://www.facebook.com/valetdepot/